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Electrical Design

Planning a large-scale electrical installation for your company is not a straight forward task for many companies. A lot of the equipment has different needs and automated processes need to be used when appropriate to maximise productivity.

We have the ability to fulfill the role of Principle Designer in line with CDM 2015 Regulations, allowing us to ensure that all elements of a design are completed with health and safety at the forefront and that they are also undertaken by designers with suitable experience and qualifications for the technical level and scope of design required.

Why Us

At Belmar, our highly skilled engineers can design and implement electrical systems which are capable of running all of your industrial equipment reliably, efficiently and safely. We will consult with you and discuss your exact needs for the project. We will then communicate with you throughout the design process to ensure that your requirements are met.

We use advanced software such as CAD and Amtech to plan our electrical systems. This way, we can visualise the project, find out what the physical requirements are and plan a more efficient system. Simulations can also be carried out to predict how your electrical system will run.